LIESCH was founded by Dutch Indonesian (indo)born jewelry designer Lies Musch. She has always felt a great attraction to these roots and although not brought up with a lot of traditions she is still soul searching for the western and eastern origins which are intertwined in her. They are a great inspiration, not always so strong for the beholder to see but always present in the background.

After a successful career as a fashion photographer it was time for her to change direction. Her love for a trade and style showed the way to qualify as a goldsmith.

Her first collection was launched in December 2016. Just living and looking sideways inspires Lies. Serendipity is an important part in her designs. Her designs are imbued with frivolity, although sometimes bold yet infused with a touch of femininity. Everything is handmade with love and made to order at the atelier of LIESCH in Amsterdam. Where new designs for this collection will evolve during the season. And new collections will follow.

The first collection of LIESCH is called SESAT CHIQUE.
SESAT means “STRAYED” in Indonesian/Malay. The inspiration of this collection finds its origin in a chaotic, feminine and slightly strayed and weird fictional world. The gems are sometimes “hidden” or out of place. Designs not quite symmetric. Use of a variety of stones such as black Sapphire and Citrine and Pearls give it a loose chicness. The collection is feminine sometimes bald with a love for frivolity.